Welcome to Your Seven Day Sensuality Immersion Ritual

7 days to heart rebirth! 


I am so glad you came here for my 7 day immersion for opening your heart.


 It is with great pleasure that I share this with you as this programme holds some of my favourite tools that helped me step into my heart awakening. 

The design for you is planned to root in a time friendly daily ritual which can work even with the busiest of people.   It helps you tap into and follow up your true essence and feel your true desire. As human’s in 2021, we thrive having daily commitments which turn into a nourishing habit.

Sometimes when we do something daily, we often don’t even pay attention to what it is we are doing and how lucky we are to wake up daily to be able to do them.

When was the last time that you sat with your morning drink like the coffee/tea, noticing the warm mug beneath your hands, feeling the temperature and smelling it with intent before then taking a sip?

Maybe you already do this and this is a habit you have absorbed into your routine already. If so, well done! You’ve made a habit toward your 16 hour  waking day already. A habit absorbed into your psyche that you don’t even give it much thought.


Are you ready to expand your daily pleasure ritual? I have developed a step by step practice each day to gently ease you into opening your heart space.

For some days you need SKIN FRIENDLY OIL. Please make sure you have this close by.

Throughout the 7 days please listen to your body. If you need to take it easy, take it easy! Breath slow!



I highly recommend that you take my rituals, the first thing in the morning, every day for the following 7 days.

Each ritual is only around 15 Minutes….. But, please allow yourself sufficient time after each session with NO OTHER COMMITMENTS OR INTERUPTIONS  as you allow you mind to fully absorb each ritual.

Tomorrow morning you will have access to your first ritual by clicking the button below:



Here are the links to take you to each of your daily rituals

please note: that you will only have access to the next ritual the day after you’ve completed the previous ritual