I was struggling to understand how my ADHD influenced my patterns of self love and sexuality before I met Ginger. After watching some of her interviews with other neurodiverse folx I knew she could help me become my truest self. It’s hard to invest money in yourself when you’re struggling with loving yourself, but i’m so glad I convinced myself it was worthwhile.

Over our ten weeks working together Ginger became part sister, part guru to me. While she has an amazing grasp of her own self worth, her humility served as inspiration that I too could reach that level of nurturing my needs. She was also very understanding and gentle when I didn’t follow through on all the promises I made to myself, which was extremely important as I formed these new habits. I typically struggle with meditation, but she helped me build a practice that worked for me.

Despite numerous setbacks that occurred in my personal life during my time working with Ginger, I was still able to accomplish so much growth. Each time I took a step backwards, she was there with open arms to embrace me and pull me forward. I now see the positive effects of my work with her manifesting in my relationships with myself, lovers, friends, family, and colleagues.