I did the same training as Ginger and as a part of it, I have been blessed to receive 10-sessions from her. I was waiting each session with enthusiasm and I have to admit that I’ve been sad when it was the end. Ginger is a really good coach who has an awesome space holding, perfect for me as a neurodiverse with hypersensitivity. I felt really safe and welcome to express my emotions, even the rawest and the less comfortable ones, and also free to share my opinions, that are sometimes not really « mainstream ». Thanks to her good listening, she was intuitively feeling how to help me to transform and see the situations from another perspective. I will always remember when she offered me the space to express my inner child’s playfulness by joining me into it. So much fun and so liberating ! So I can only recommend Ginger as a coach but also as a human being that create and live in integrity and grace.