For many years I have been struggling with poor Self Esteem. I felt disconnected from my body. Swimming in a pool of thoughts of Self sabotage around my weight especially. I felt too skinny and would pull myself to pieces daily. So happy to be writing this now having no attachment to this old story I used to tell myself.

Ginger came into my life through a podcast I was watching on Instagram. I instantly felt a pull towards her. She reminded me of when I was younger and had no care in the world being my playful sensual Self in all my glory.  For years I would try and push the self-destructive thoughts and patterns down, often numbing or distracting myself. This would lead onto me entering relationships which were unhealthy and not serving me, I needed to make change. So, I did. Invested in myself by getting Ginger to support me and it has been  worth every penny.

Ginger took me by the hand through a 10 week program. We met on Zoom weekly. We always dropped into the Space with a meditation which was magic. I always felt Safe in her presence and was able to open myself up more and more. Diving deep into my subconscious through various sacred practices. It felt very intuitive each week which is what I love most about the sessions. We did a lot of work around anchoring in my sensuality. Feeling into my body through breathwork and touch. Felt electric after each session. Holding myself accountable to carry on with the practices set between sessions gave me that fire energy I needed. This coaching has allowed me to feel into what has been keeping me stuck and limiting me in a safe container where I can fully be myself. It has supported me to change my eating habits, the way I look and feel about myself, empowering myself with words of encouragement rather than Self-hatred. I have created new morning habits which serve me including, new relationships to food, Self-Pleasure daily through intimate touch and journeying through my senses, physical exercise, meditation and breathwork. I feel like I have been reborn, feeling so much more connected to my body and loving all of myself. This for me is true Self love. I now know that I can give all the love I need to myself. I don’t need to seek outside anymore.


Ginger will take you on a journey to meet your true liberated Self. So worth investing. It is LIFE AFFIRMING.