Ginger immediately made me feel at ease with her friendly and relaxed nature, and I was soon reassured that there isn’t anything ‘wrong with me’, I’m a normal woman with a normal sex drive that fluctuates just like everyone else, but hearing it from Ginger and being able to talk through it instantly consoled me, as desire is the reason I came to Ginger in the first place.
Jenny has a wealth of knowledge about neuro-diversity, sex, and desire, and the exercises we did really helped me take the time to listen to my body and focus my mind on my sexual self and what it is that I want from my sex life.
I had 3 sessions with Ginger, and the more we got to know each other the better the sessions got for me. I became familiar with the exercises so I could easily slip into that frame of mind, and on our 3rd session we meditated together for what must’ve been 5/10 minutes, compared to only a minute or so on our first session.
I can’t recommend Ginger enough, she has a genuine passion for her work, and she’s helped me put my own sexual self into perspective and understand it better, which has done wonders for my mental (and physical) health.