Working with Ginger was absolute magick. She is such an incredible space holder and was able to tune into my unique needs and varying emotional state in each of our sessions. Her approach was very intuitive, yet grounded. She was able to bring me into my center and guide me through such beautiful journeys despite being on different continents. Through working with Ginger, I was able to truly tap into and embody my Divine Masculine in a way I hadn’t been able to achieve through my own practices. Ginger held the space for me and guided me through practices that allowed me to tap into this universal energy that was so restricted within me in a way that has stuck with me since our work together. Since she and I worked together, I have established consistency in practices I had been avoiding, have been efficient in work I had been avoiding, and have been consistently doing one thing at a time, versus scattering myself amongst several activities at once (which was very typical for me). I know this embodiment of my own Divine Masculine is aligning me to become magnetic for the partner who is aligned to my unique fluency and compliments my polarity. <3


I cannot describe my gratitude for the work I did with Ginger. She is such an incredible coach and is so gifted and helping you realize exactly what it is that you need, at a soul level, in that moment. I highly recommend working with her.