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I'm here to empower your clarity with all the the senses, to receive authentic sensual aliveness!

 I grew up ungrounded, with undiagnosed ADHD, confused and highly emotional. I felt no one understood me and for years I didn’t understand myself. After my love of my first career in hairdressing subsided, I went from job to job trying to figure out my meaning in the world. Eventually saving up just enough to travel the world. Unconsciously seeking my spark to bring me to find pleasure and life’s calling. A few years go by of mad adventures  and I started to realize how many humans were drawn to me for advice, and tried to get my head round OWNING my wisdom.

First of all, I wanted to serve men that felt a great deal of stress around how to be around women, and the best way to treat women. –My original desire was to understand what’s going on for men and how what men go through and how it impacts women. Absolutely everyone around me has had experiences which have knocked them back a step, just like myself. But we don’t know how to make the best course of action alone.  I am here to give the leg up to your empowerered, full embodiment.

When I attended my first tantra workshop I knew straight away… THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE MISSING. Deeply resonating and connecting with the work of the senses around sex, connection, breathing, communication and the art of giving and receiving. This has always naturally came to me but I had assumed I was doing it wrong because of so much desire from everyone of “The quick fix”. This ended up with me feeling a powerful connection to helping people while I also took the journey even further. To have better intimacy in our lives we MUST do the deep work. We must be able to express ourselves without holding on. We must be able to explore ourselves without shame and speak our truths in order to thoroughly surrender into sexual greatness. 

You may be thinking, how did I get here? Did I train in this?

YES of course. I take pride in the fact I constantly invest in myself to be the best teacher possible. My core training being from 2020 when I took a leap into training through The Tantric Institute of Sacred Sexuality. These studies have honored healing of my sexual/sensual being and allowed my full power and wisdom to teach to other beings in a way which works for every individual in a  transformative supportive system different from anything else that coaches have been taught. Deep therapy for the subconscious, bringing to the conscious to express and move through in order for us to clear up what is buried within our system.


When you unlock your truth you find your soulmate..

Why you are here because;



  • You want to be in love + find a life lover
  • You don’t believe in yourself
  • You want wave goodbye to negative thought patterns
  • You feel something is missing but you don’t know what
  • You want the best ORGASMS
  • You want to find the true you!
  • You want to cut chords of past patterns
  • You are ready to be fully confident to live YOUR BEST LIFE EVER.

Maybe you want a coach who has ADHD so I can feel more understood and you get the extra love, care and patience you need.


You are vegan and like the idea of having a vegan coach.


I am your cheerleader while I hear you shout your new empowered voice!


If any of these remind you of yourself, this programme might be the start of your journey home.

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will help you reach the subconscious
to deepen your love for yourself and life around you.


I believe in you!


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Do you find yourself working endlessly trying to please others?


Have you forgotten what pleasure feels like?

When have you taken time just for yourself? When was the last time you allowed yourself to be fully you?

When you have had enough of telling your story again it’s time to heal and move forward as a healthy, lively human being to enjoy the life we are living

Have compassion for yourself. Your true being must shine.

It is your birth right to feel pleasure, love and ecstasy.

Are you ready to get your power back in this world, and take full action to embrace life, and fully fall in love with yourself?

I am here to help you get there.

And one for the Men!


Men, when did you last experience self-love?

Yes, you are allowed to feel emotions!
That’s where everything starts.

If you ever felt blocked inside, spending too much time in your head, you are probably afraid to express your feelings.

How will you love another, when the word itself is so rare to you?

By getting in touch with your true self, you will find freedom, openness and creativity.

They say the world reflects who we are. Ask yourself – do you know your true heart?

If you are chasing everything, that means everything running away from you. Give up the chase! Follow your passion and things will come to you effortlessly.

“A Hunter will always chase the catch. A magnet attracts the catch in”. – Karma

There is no need to feel alone any more. Love is there, looking for you too.

Whether you are looking to enjoy sex better or have the romance of your life, it all starts with you. The self-loving, evolved, passionate you. 

I invite you to take this journey with me.


I’ll closely listen to your every desire. With me, you’re allowed to express yourself fully. Cry, laugh, rage and rise. This life is yours to enjoy! These pleasures are the fruits of your loving self.


What Others Are Saying

O Hafenberg

Through working with you, I learned to be a lot more conscious with my sexuality. Not every sexual encounter needs to have a goal or a specific ending. I also learned to accept myself the way I am. I learned that I have all the qualities needed for a successful relationship with a woman. I learned breathing techniques that help me regulate my sexual energy and enhance my sexual pleasure.

Lulu – Working with Ginger has been transformational.

For many years I have been struggling with poor Self Esteem. I felt disconnected from my body. Swimming in a pool of thoughts of Self sabotage around my weight especially. I felt too skinny and would pull myself to pieces daily. So happy to be writing this now having no attachment to this old story I used to tell myself. Ginger came into my life through a podcast I was watching on Instagram. I instantly felt a pull towards her. She reminded me of when I was younger and had no care in the world being my playful sensual Self in all my glory.  For years I would try and push the self-destructive thoughts and patterns down, often numbing or distracting myself. This would lead onto me entering relationships which were unhealthy and not serving me, I needed to make change. So, I did. Invested in myself by getting Ginger to support me and it has been  worth every penny. Ginger took me by the hand through a 10 week program. We met on Zoom weekly. We always dropped into the Space with a meditation which was magic. I always felt Safe in her presence and was able to open myself up more and more. Diving deep into my subconscious through various sacred practices. It felt very intuitive each week which is what I love most about the sessions. We did a lot of work around anchoring in my sensuality. Feeling into my body through breathwork and touch. Felt electric after each session. Holding myself accountable to carry on with the practices set between sessions gave me that fire energy I needed. This coaching has allowed me to feel into what has been keeping me stuck and limiting me in a safe container where I can fully be myself. It has supported me to change my eating habits, the way I look and feel about myself, empowering myself with words of encouragement rather than Self-hatred. I have created new morning habits which serve me including, new relationships to food, Self-Pleasure daily through intimate touch and journeying through my senses, physical exercise, meditation and breathwork. I feel like I have been reborn, feeling so much more connected to my body and loving all of myself. This for me is true Self love. I now know that I can give all the love I need to myself. I don’t need to seek outside anymore.   Ginger will take you on a journey to meet your true liberated Self. So worth investing. It is LIFE AFFIRMING.

Tara Lynn Connelly

I was struggling to understand how my ADHD influenced my patterns of self love and sexuality before I met Ginger. After watching some of her interviews with other neurodiverse folx I knew she could help me become my truest self. It’s hard to invest money in yourself when you’re struggling with loving yourself, but i’m so glad I convinced myself it was worthwhile. Over our ten weeks working together Ginger became part sister, part guru to me. While she has an amazing grasp of her own self worth, her humility served as inspiration that I too could reach that level of nurturing my needs. She was also very understanding and gentle when I didn’t follow through on all the promises I made to myself, which was extremely important as I formed these new habits. I typically struggle with meditation, but she helped me build a practice that worked for me. Despite numerous setbacks that occurred in my personal life during my time working with Ginger, I was still able to accomplish so much growth. Each time I took a step backwards, she was there with open arms to embrace me and pull me forward. I now see the positive effects of my work with her manifesting in my relationships with myself, lovers, friends, family, and colleagues. 🥰

Ben M

When I started my session with Ginger my energy was all over the place and hectic, she instantly calmed me down and I could see she really understood where I was at. She listens with an compassionate ear and I instantly felt I could talk to her without any fear of judgement. Her presence is warm and caring and you can tell she really cares about you and wants to help due to her nature. I'm looking forward to working with her again and really encourage people to work with her if they have any feelings of shame or feeling unseen ❤️😁 thank you Ginger 💜 I also did gingers 7 day ritual which was a lovely set of practices that left me feeling embodied all day, really looking forward to working with her again in the near future xx

Brianna Brown

Working with Ginger was absolute magick. She is such an incredible space holder and was able to tune into my unique needs and varying emotional state in each of our sessions. Her approach was very intuitive, yet grounded. She was able to bring me into my center and guide me through such beautiful journeys despite being on different continents. Through working with Ginger, I was able to truly tap into and embody my Divine Masculine in a way I hadn't been able to achieve through my own practices. Ginger held the space for me and guided me through practices that allowed me to tap into this universal energy that was so restricted within me in a way that has stuck with me since our work together. Since she and I worked together, I have established consistency in practices I had been avoiding, have been efficient in work I had been avoiding, and have been consistently doing one thing at a time, versus scattering myself amongst several activities at once (which was very typical for me). I know this embodiment of my own Divine Masculine is aligning me to become magnetic for the partner who is aligned to my unique fluency and compliments my polarity. <3   I cannot describe my gratitude for the work I did with Ginger. She is such an incredible coach and is so gifted and helping you realize exactly what it is that you need, at a soul level, in that moment. I highly recommend working with her.


I did the same training as Ginger and as a part of it, I have been blessed to receive 10-sessions from her. I was waiting each session with enthusiasm and I have to admit that I’ve been sad when it was the end. Ginger is a really good coach who has an awesome space holding, perfect for me as a neurodiverse with hypersensitivity. I felt really safe and welcome to express my emotions, even the rawest and the less comfortable ones, and also free to share my opinions, that are sometimes not really « mainstream ». Thanks to her good listening, she was intuitively feeling how to help me to transform and see the situations from another perspective. I will always remember when she offered me the space to express my inner child’s playfulness by joining me into it. So much fun and so liberating ! So I can only recommend Ginger as a coach but also as a human being that create and live in integrity and grace.


Ginger is a magnificent beautiful empowered refined space holder healer and coach I feel very safe and held working with her although at times feel slightly intimidated at how beautiful and empowered she truly is. Her ability to guide with presence and navigate through the session is great and I feel we are able to achieve vast amounts of transformation and Growth I feel seen and valued for who i am and I'm starting to feel safe enough to show some more unresolved sides of myself despite how hard that has previously been for me I feel a deep gratitude for Ginger for hosting 10 sessions and all that she is and all that she brings, thank you Ginger for bringing your empowered light to the world and gifted facilitator 🙂


Ginger immediately made me feel at ease with her friendly and relaxed nature, and I was soon reassured that there isn't anything 'wrong with me', I'm a normal woman with a normal sex drive that fluctuates just like everyone else, but hearing it from Ginger and being able to talk through it instantly consoled me, as desire is the reason I came to Ginger in the first place. Jenny has a wealth of knowledge about neuro-diversity, sex, and desire, and the exercises we did really helped me take the time to listen to my body and focus my mind on my sexual self and what it is that I want from my sex life. I had 3 sessions with Ginger, and the more we got to know each other the better the sessions got for me. I became familiar with the exercises so I could easily slip into that frame of mind, and on our 3rd session we meditated together for what must've been 5/10 minutes, compared to only a minute or so on our first session. I can't recommend Ginger enough, she has a genuine passion for her work, and she's helped me put my own sexual self into perspective and understand it better, which has done wonders for my mental (and physical) health.


Coaching sessions with Ginger have been a delight. Before we started our sessions I wasn't sure what to expect, but I now look forward to our sessions each week. Ginger has helped me tune into my core desires and helped me see the joy in working towards achieving them. As a coach, Ginger creates a beautiful and safe space for me to truly express myself. While each session is unique, I am always impressed by how she supports me to explore my desires a little deeper while being attentive to whatever the week has brought up for me. I leave each session feeling refreshed and ready to bring the practical tools I've learned into my daily life. -


Every session with Ginger was full of insights. She builds a space of safety, where I know I could open up and dig in my emotions. Her intuition and her questions helped me dwell ith curiosity in places of darkness, and start the healing of such pieces inside me. Her voice and presence kept me assured I was being held and acknowledged with no shame, no blame game. I am thankful our journeys crossed and could be accompanied by her wisdom and knowledge of people. -


"Allowing yourself to feel pleasure,
and love is the gateway to living heaven on earth"